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Finding solutions to new BAU practices

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

SMEs have traditionally deployed Learning Management Systems to deliver housekeeping content related to office safety and items mandated by regulators via closed content platforms. These same platforms have been used by large enterprises to deliver ongoing content via in-house Learning Departments to enhance employee engagement and the perception of employee value. Both examples represent key use cases for Learning Management Systems. However, they negate to show how a platform experience could be used to combat day-to-day commercial challenges.

The way people work has changed…….

As remote working becomes the new norm (accelerated by COVID 19) and the average length of employee tenure continues to decline, there is a growing need to ensure consistency in onboarding and continuation of BAU, whilst reducing time to competence for new hires. OvertEd Markets have developed a proprietary platform to specifically cater for these needs, within the retail leveraged trading environment.

OvertEd Markets understands your brokerage…….

We understand both the challenges and opportunities within the global retail leveraged trading space. Indeed, these are same challenges that keep us up at night and the same opportunities that motivate us to get out of bed on a Monday morning. It is an ever-evolving landscape with knowledge of regulatory, technical and competitor considerations requiring constant refreshing. These items aside, financial market conditions are inherently unpredictable and can put unforeseen stresses on BAU processes, making the need for well informed and competent teams an absolute necessity.

Brokerages are a special type of SME. They operate over wide geographic landscapes and have diverse client bases, which are subject to different product specifications and regulatory requirements. They are truly global! Yet, as with any business, local knowledge and considerations need to be appreciated firm-wide. This wide global footprint coupled with a need to innovate makes change management a key pain point. This is further complicated when employees both join and leave the team during these periods of change.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to ensure that internal knowledge, industry understanding and company expectations are communicated across the firm consistently no matter what challenges arise?

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